Doing Business with DLA-Troop Support Medical Supply Chain

Doing Business with DLA-Troop Support Medical Supply Chain

December 27, 2018 DLA Insight 0

Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Medical Supply Chain supports America’s military every day and in every crisis. DLA-TS and their team are on call to support warfighters and their dependents around the world, from well babies to wounded warriors. To ensure their basic and critical medical and pharmaceutical needs are met, their support includes surgical items, preventive vaccines, field hospital equipment and even medical supplies for animals.

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Medical and Surgical Equipment

A full line of medical and surgical products are available for customers around the globe, including the Navy Fleet.

Pre-Packs – Supplies for a specific medical procedure are packed in a “single bag” tailored for the customer. Save time and money by choosing the consumable devices and related supplies for your procedural Pre-Pack.

All high technology capital and critical care medical equipment, including routine installation, turnkey installation, maintenance, repair parts, training and other services are available for the military and other federal agencies.

Critical care equipment: anesthesia systems, defibrillators, ventilators, pulse oximeters, suction apparatus and a full range of dental equipment

Engineering and technical support for a wide variety of hospital, laboratory and field equipment is available for fixed hospital activities and deployed field units such as combat support hospitals and forward surgical teams, including these federal supply classes:

4110: Refrigeration Equipment
4610: Water Purification Equipment
6515: Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Generating System & Mobile Oxygen Storage Tanks
6530: Hospital Furniture and Equipment
6540: Ophthalmic Instruments and Equipment
6545: Repair Part and Repair Part Kits / Medical Chest and Accessories
6625: Electrical and Electronic Testing and Measuring Instruments
6630: Chemical Analysis Instruments
6640: Laboratory Equipment
6650: Optical Instruments and Test Equipment
6665: Hazardous Detecting Instruments and Apparatus
6670: Scales and Balances
6910: Training Aids
Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Generating Systems
Mobile Oxygen Storage Tanks
Deployable Medical Systems (DEPMEDS)

A Life of Service…


The Medical Air Bridge (MAB) Program is a consolidation and transshipment cross docking operation for the transport and delivery of authorized medical material to Warfighters overseas. DLA Troop Support Medical Supply Chain manages the MAB in partnership with Cardinal Health, the Prime Vendor (PV), customers, commercial suppliers and delivery services. Cardinal Health operates both the global North region, serving the Central Command (CENTCOM), and the European Command (EUCOM) Theater; as well as the global West region, serving the Pacific Command (PACOM) Theater.

The MAB application is a centralized database of logistical information (for all) orders submitted to process through the MAB cross docks. Customers are required to input their order information into the application immediately after placing the order(s) with the vendors. The application then enables DLA Troop Support and its partners to input, communicate and track shipments through the MAB program. It provides detailed In-Transit Visibility (ITV) to include open, received and shipped orders, with accessible links to obtain commercial bill numbers to provide transit data and proof-of-delivery information.